Lock and Load Academy provides certification for the non-resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit, the most sought after and widely accepted permit in the country. No experience is necessary, no shooting, no pressure, stress free and test free environment. Our short 4 hour course will enable permit holders to carry a concealed handgun in 30+ states. We also offer instruction for private small groups and organizations of any size, and have incentives for those wishing to sponsor a group. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. Reserve your seat today. Scroll down for more!

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Thanks to all of our previous students who have left a positive comment about our services! .   “Great class, highly recommend it. Took it this past weekend in Danbury.”   -Larry G., Durham CT . “Awesome class, great teachers thank


Where can I carry with my Utah Non-Resident?

Here is the current states that honor and recognize the Utah Non-Resident Permit. Original Source – USA Carry