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Matt Wilson



Matt Wilson, owner of Lock and Load Academy, LLC has been actively involved in second amendment and firearms related legislation since the mid 1970’s.

An avid shooter involved in target, ballistics, reloading and self defense, he started Lock and Load Academy, LLC  in late 2013.

As a Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification Certified Concealed Firearm Instructor, he puts forth his knowledge and skills into a dynamic classroom and shooting range experience.

Having personally taught over 8,000+ students to be certified as concealed firearms carriers during the past 3 years has led him to become a full time firearms instructor.

His interest in precision shooting led him to develop specially formulated boron based lubricants for the firearms industry under the trade name “Snail Snot” lubricants. This venture is soon to grow to a national level in 2017.

Matt also certifies students to carry concealed firearms in Maryland. He is a Maryland state police certified HQL and “Wear and Carry” permit instructor.

Additionally, as a co-editor of a news aggregation service and website known as, he strives to  provide all sportsmen with the latest news and issues pertaining to the shooting sports.

To contact Matt via email: or 800.856.6940