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Matt Wilson, owner of Lock and Load Academy, LLC has been actively involved in second amendment and firearms related legislation since the mid 1970’s.

An avid shooter involved in target, ballistics, reloading and self defense, he started Lock and Load Academy, LLC  in late 2013.

As a Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification Certified Concealed Firearm Instructor, he puts forth his knowledge and skills into a dynamic classroom experience.

Having personally taught over 11,000+ students to be certified as concealed firearms carriers during the past 7 years has led him to become a full time firearms instructor. He has previous experience as a municipal police officer, EMT and firefighter. His interested in radio communications as a “ham” radio operator has him actively involved as a volunteer radio operator with the county emergency management team.

Matt also certifies students to carry concealed firearms in Delaware and Maryland. He is a Maryland state police certified HQL and “Wear and Carry” permit instructor.

Matt recently became certified by the state of Delaware to teach the concealed carry class for residents of Delaware.

To contact Matt via email: or call 800.856.6940